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USDA Nematode Collection was established in June 1960 By A. Morgan Golden. It is currently directed and curated by Dr. Zafar A. Handoo with technical support from Steve Rogers. It is one of the largest and most valuable nematode collections in existence with over 49,200 permanent slides and vials, and a total repository of nematode specimens reaching several million. It includes over 1900 type specimens, and the valuable and irreplaceable collections of Cobb-Steiner, Thorne, and others. Nematodes from worldwide and domestic sources are represented in the collection. The Collection and database provide important information for reference purposes and taxonomic research by U.S. and foreign scientists and a permanent repository for type and other specimens. This website provides a portal to search those specimens that have been cataloged to date and provides data on nematode hosts, occurrence, and distribution.